Save us from F-gases

Fifty years ago, scientists saved us from what could have become a humanitarian crisis by educating the public about the dangers of lead in gasoline. The petrol and machinery industries fought a fierce battle to keep lead in fuel. They manipulated research studies, and treathend scientist. They lied, even if it would harm us.

Today, an equally grave battle is being actively fought in Europe and many other places around the world.

Atmosphere is a global organization working to enlighten the world about natural refrigerants. They have been working to broaden the use of natural refrigerants since 2009. We have come a long way, but the final leap remains. The EU is expected to make the final tightening of the F-gas regulation in early 2024, and you have the opportunity to influence the process by signing Atmosphere's phase-out proposal.

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Substances with a massive potential for harm are being released, and it's going unnoticed by the vast majority of the population.

Large manufacturers of refrigerants, cooling equipment, and heat pumps are actively working to retain F-gases and synthetic refrigerants and downplay the significant negative impact they truly have on the environment.

Synthetic refrigerants contain chemical compounds called PFAS, aka "Forever Chemicals." Thanks to refrigerants, PFAS is released into the atmosphere and has now spread to animals and people all over the planet.

PFAS is a severe environmental toxin and among the most concerning substances we encounter in today's world. On top of that, synthetic refrigerants also contribute to global warming.

With the EU's upcoming phase-out of fossil heating in buildings, it means that over 60 million new heat pumps will be installed in European buildings alone. A similar phasing-out of fossil heating is going to happen worldwide, and we certainly don't want these buildings to use equipment with synthetic refrigerants.

If you're part of the industry and believe in climate-neutral alternatives to synthetic refrigerants, this is your moment to be heard. Inform EU decision-makers that sustainable choices exist. Stand with Atmosphere in conveying to European policymakers the importance of ambition in the #EUFgas Regulation.

This September, Atmosphere will present their plan for phasing out F-gases to EU policymakers on the 19th and 20th.

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Save us from F-gases