Enova reinforces commitment to Heating Plants

Enova is intensifying its support for heating plants, especially in the building and industrial sectors, raising the maximum support level from 2 million kroner to 9 million kroner. The aim is to accelerate the necessary transition to ensure that national climate goals for 2030 are met with an energy system capable of adapting to the required developments.

"Enova is committed to transitioning to a low-emission society. We're unveiling a revised support program for heating plants, bolstering it with additional options. With this change, we aim to reach new target groups," said Marit Sandbakk, Senior Advisor at Enova.

Heating is the largest energy consumer in both buildings and industries. Therefore, the choice of heat production methods significantly impacts greenhouse gas emissions and the strain on the power grid.

Reduction in Fossil Fuel Use

The Heating Plants Program targets stakeholders interested in installing heating plants based on renewable energy sources for building heating or industrial production purposes. The program also extends to select sports facilities. It aims to alleviate power system loads and promote flexibility by encouraging the expansion of thermal infrastructure in buildings and businesses, avoiding direct electric heating.

"Norway has set clear climate goals for 2030. To achieve them, we need tools that motivate the industry and business sectors to opt for renewable solutions over fossil ones and choose electrification through heat pumps to reduce fossil fuel use and manage energy loads," Sandbakk emphasized.

Greater Energy and Power Needed

Enova has supported heating plants for years precisely because they facilitate the shift from fossil to renewable solutions. Additionally, these plants play a crucial role in relieving the grid.

Given the current state of the energy system, there's a growing need for more energy and power than available. "By adjusting existing measures and developing new ones, we hope to speed up the transition to solutions that benefit the energy system the most. We're optimistic about the market response," said Sandbakk.

From Two to Nine Million Kroner

The maximum support for heating plants is increased from 2 million kroner to 9 million kroner, accommodating heating plants up to and including 3.0 MW.

"The initiative through the Heating Plant Program, which is now being launched, will run for 4 years and will conclude in 2027. This ensures that preliminary projects are realized, and the climate, energy, and power benefits are achieved by 2030," Sandbakk concluded.

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Enova reinforces commitment to Heating Plants